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Whole Life Worship

Author: LICC

Connect your Sunday services with Monday life - from their biblical foundations through to practical ideas - with this leader’s pack, book, and small group series.

Sunday Worship has the potential to transform our daily actions.

Help each and every person in your church recognise the value of their work, activities, and relationships in God’s economy. The retired-busy crowd, the living-life-to-the-full crowd, the uncertain-in-faith crowd, the juggling-work-and-family crowd: come together and re-dedicate it all to God on Sundays. Make your Sundays about breathing in the Spirit of God, so you can breathe out the Spirit throughout the week.

In contrast to common service ideas based around bolstering personal devotion, church involvement, or family life, Whole life Worship offers ways to focus on energising and releasing the congregation to live for Christ out in the world. Have people regularly reporting back about the ways they’ve put their faith into practice at work, at home, on their frontline. Watch the depth and breadth of discipleship grow as you connect the dots between what happens on a Sunday and the rest of the week.