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Use the Ethos film series to disciple and challenge young adults

Ethos exists to help address the needs specific to this generation of young adults; to help inspire, stir, challenge and ignite discussion amongst so called generation Y.

Comfort:Why being too comfortable will kill you
Social Media:Real living in an age of virtual
Contemplation: Learning and Ethos of rest and restoration
Addict: Living in the age of the addictive personality
Consume: Why consumerism will kill you and generosity will bring you life
Home: Inhabiting the story of the prodigal
Church – Body: You were born to be a part of something bigger. This is church.
Church – Bride: We are born to be beautiful. This is church.
Church – Bread: Our death brings life to others. This is church.
Church – Priests: We all wear dog collars. This is church.
Church – Stones: We are God’s home. This is church.
Church – Army: We are at war. This is church.”