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The Sense – Youth for Christ

The Sense are a touring band that uses music to reach young people with the gospel message in a dynamic and relevant way.

Travelling throughout the UK and abroad, The Sense visit schools and churches, performing at youth events and concerts and performing in a variety of situations. As well as performing their own original music and cover songs, the band are passionate about spending time with young people, listening to their stories and helping them understand more about what it means to be a Christian today.

Schools often see the benefit of using The Sense in lessons and assemblies to enhance the spiritual and moral development of pupils. The Sense provide the opportunity for students to explore areas of belief and faith in a non-threatening way – interacting with band members and asking their own questions.

The Sense deliver a range of sessions including RE, PSHE and Music lessons, or any combination to enable cross-curricular activity covering areas such as Social Studies, Citizenship, Religious and Moral Education, Expressive/Creative Arts etc. They aim to create an environment where pupils can enjoy their learning experience, ask their own questions and begin to make sense of the world around them.