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The OIKOS Prayer App

Called ‘OIKOS’ (the Greek word for ‘every home’), the hope is that the app will create a national picture of all the local prayer that is happening across the country.

Users are encouraged to ‘tap to tag’ their street once they’ve prayed for it, which will then mark it as ‘prayed for’ with a pin. They can then go on to add ‘share’ pins to capture moments where they’ve shared the love and hope of Jesus with their neighbours – be it through words or action.
Sammy Jordan, project lead for Hope for Every Home, says: ‘Churches are really busy, and people are really busy too. This is not about asking people to do something new – it’s about saying “What are your daily habits?” and weaving the opportunity for greater connection with God and with your neighbours into the fabric of every day.’ Prayer walking can be done virtually, too, for people who are unable to get out and about for a daily walk. To become part of a movement trying to reach the whole nation for Jesus street by street, home by home…to the last home.