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Stance – Youth for Christ

Stance are a touring Dance Crew. They use dance to connect with young people in a dynamic way in a whole host of settings, working excellently as a gateway with young people to share the gospel.

Dance is a fantastic way to create a buzz among young people and brings people together from different backgrounds and walks of life. Furthermore the atmosphere that it creates enables team members to share their testimonies or give a short inspirational message.

Stance are passionate about inspiring and encouraging young people to use their skills and talents. They can develop workshops, lessons, assemblies and performances according to your needs and work with you to fulfill your aims and objectives .

Stance offer a full schools programme, delivering a variety of cross-curricular lessons focusing on the values and lifestyle of Christianity. The lessons make use of a variety of learning styles in order to provide an interactive and enjoyable learning experience. The team has experience of leading PE, RE, PSHE and Citizenship based lessons as well as assemblies, using fun interactive activities and an inspirational message.

The team can offer dance workshops for all ages. Sessions start with warm-up exercises and then proceed to the teaching of high energy, age-appropriate dance routines. They will finish by allowing the young people to ask any questions they might have.