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Mind Matters

Author: Barbara Bryant

Publisher: YMCA Norfolk

Mind Matters is a mental health training programme providing internationally recognised courses, accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH). Provided locally by YMCA Norfolk.

Youth Mental Health First Aid
Would you know how to help a young person having suicidal thoughts?

According to MHFA England, record levels of young people are struggling. Academic pressure, social media, bullying, poverty, lack of professional help – all have been named as contributing to this epidemic of poor mental health in our young people.

Mind Matters offers accredited Youth Mental Health First Aid training for adults who work with young people, providing an increased knowledge and awareness of mental health as well as practical tools for supporting young people.

We can also provide support and training to set up a peer mentoring scheme within the school setting. Visit our courses page for more information.

Adult Mental Health First Aid
Did you know stress, anxiety and depression are the biggest cause of sickness absence in our society?

Our Mind Matters team can provide organisations of all sizes with tailored adult mental health training, from first aid to heightening awareness. This includes the option of consultancy work to ensure your training programme is personalised to your business and its policies.

By fostering a supportive environment where the stigma of mental health is challenged, staff can be supported to become a thriving and productive workforce.

This course is ideal for all working professionals including project leads, line managers, frontline staff, senior management or those working with adults.