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Mapping Remembrance

Author: Susanna Gunner

Publisher: The Diocese of Norwich



Explore the season's rich themes through reflection, art, poetry and music

In November we find ourselves in a season of remembering. On 1st and 2nd November, we acknowledge our inheritance of faith. First, we remember that ‘great cloud of witness’, the saints. Then we remember the souls of the ‘faithful departed’, especially those who have laid the foundations for our own faith. And then, on 11 November and its nearest Sunday, our remembering turns to war and we stop and are silent.

In this pack, there are six maps, two exploring each of

  • All Saints
  • All Souls
  • Remembrance Sunday

A Bible is an essential accompanying tool! In the two maps relating to All Saints (for which Revised Common Lectionary readings apply), reference are accompanied by a letter indicating the relevant lectionary year.

Mapping Remembrance may be useful to those who lead worship, lay or ordained, and is perfect for any individual or group wanting to reflect afresh upon this period of the Christian year and live more deeply ‘in the season’.