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Kingdom Values: Lent Calendar of Kindness

Author: The Diocese of Guildford

Traditionally, calendars are only for Advent, but the Diocese of Guildford are introducing a Calendar of Kindness for use during the season of Lent

“Because Lent starts on the Wednesday during half term, we have started this calendar from the first day back after half term with the story of Jesus in the desert. For the rest of the term, the calendar links with the themes of the collective worship series ‘Kingdom Values’ that we are currently offering as a resource to schools, but could equally be used as a ‘standalone’ resource. Opening the calendar on a Monday will be included as part of the collective worship script, apart from St. Patrick’s Day, which is on a Wednesday. As far as possible, the calendar elements link with the theme for that week, and also cover some of the events of Jesus’ ministry & life over the three years between Jesus’ temptation and his Resurrection.”

The calendar will go live at 00:01 on February 22nd and each door will only open on the correct day.