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Happyland Nativity

Publisher: Speak Life in collaboration with Hope Together

Rediscover the Christmas story in this stop motion video – where Happyland toys make the nativity come alive!

An angel in a rocket? The wise men arriving on a London bus? It could only be the Happyland Nativity! This Christmas, encounter the nativity in a new way. Speak Life and Hope Together have recreated the nativity scene, a summary of the birth of Jesus, with characters from the Happyland toys nativity set, in a stop motion animation. This short story comes directly from the Bible to tell the true meaning of the Christmas holiday. Follow Mary, Joseph, the angels, the wise men and the sheep, as they travel through a quirky animated adventure about the greatest story ever told – a story to be shared with everyone.

‘So come to the manger, see God become small The true Christmas story has room for us all.’

With customisable video, resources and discussion questions.