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Go, Seek. “Therefore go and make disciples”

If you want children, youth & families to come to your church you have to go where there are children, youth and families and build relationships.

– Think where you can you have a presence in your local community – Schools, toddler groups, activity clubs, sports groups?
– Are there people from the church who can volunteer at one or more of these activities?
– Could the church get involved more specifically in helping to run an existing group, offering their support as a part of building good links with the community?
– Send an invitation to a group leader offering general volunteering help or specific skills if appropriate. E.g. Someone good at flower arranging could offer to visit the local Brownie pack to lead an activity perhaps for Mother’s day or remembrance or offer to help organise a flower arranging evening with the school Parent and Teacher Association to raise funds for the school. Try and link this with an invitation to something happening at the church.
– Make regular offers to build support, trust and relationships. Find links with the church and invite people along to participate in church activities too.