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Freedom In Christ – What does it mean to be truly free?

Publisher: Freedom in Christ Ministries

Freedom In Christ is a range of resources to help young people and adults explore their identity and what it means to be a follower of Christ

Freedom In Christ For Young People is a powerful resource designed to set young people firmly on the way to becoming fruitful disciples who are sold out for God and who will make a radical difference. It is based on the main Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course and can be run alongside it in your church (the sessions correspond exactly).

Watch young people change as they connect with the truth about who they are in Christ, become free from pressures that hold them back and learn to renew their thinking – no matter what their circumstances or background.

Whilst the world may bombard them with many non-truths, this course will help them discover the truth through the power of God’s Word leading to a powerful, life-changing experience. Finding true freedom is like nothing else! We are so excited about seeing young people enter into their freedom in Christ!

A partnership between Freedom In Christ Ministries and British Youth For Christ, the course offers outstanding value for money.

Resource is available from the Diocese of Norwich Resource Centre


CYF Resource Centre