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Author: Essentials

In Essentials, Lee McMunn argues that to know the truth we need God to engage us in conversation. Lee looks at what Jesus says about God in the Bible and explores what it means to have a relationship with Him.

There are six Essentials resources.
1. Five short films that answer big questions. Films 1 to 4 present the heart of the gospel, and film 5 explains how someone can become a Christian in response to what they have watched in the previous videos.
2. A trailer that introduces the films
3. A short book that explores the heart of the Christian faith
4. An evangelistic diagram that can be drawn as a means of presenting the gospel
5. A short animation designed to communicate the gospel in an engaging way
6. A set of small group studies designed to introduce Christians to the films and the diagram, and then encourage them to share the resources with five unbelievers