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Parochial fees

Parochial fee tables and the administration of them, including quarterly return forms.

Fee Table

Please note that the Parochial Fee Tables for 2023 can be downloaded directly from the Archbishops’ Council Website.

Statutory fees for the period 2020-2024 were set to increase annually in line with CPI as measured at the preceding August. This has meant that the fees effective the 1st January 2023 will have increased between 10.3% and 14.3% from 2022.

A motion was approved by General Synod in February 2023 to revise increases to a maximum of CPI or 5%. This was laid before Parliament on the 28th February 2023 and receive Royal Assent and came into force from the 1st March 2023.

Please note that the new table of fees took effect from the 1st March 2023, these rates are not retrospective. Therefore, for any services held between the 1st January 2023 and the 28th February 2023, the fees under the table from 1st January 2023 should be charged.

Statutory fees from 1st January 2023

Statutory fees from 1st March 2023

Administration of Parochial Fees

As parochial fees are legally payable (both to the PCC and the Diocese) it is extremely important that we are able to demonstrate that we are exercising good stewardship when dealing with all parochial fees.

Therefore, please ensure that you send a quarterly fee return, as a minimum, to the Diocesan Finance department at Diocesan House or by email to

If you do not receive fees in any given quarter, please could you confirm this either in writing or by email at the above address.

Quarterly Return Dates

To assist the Diocese with administration of fees, where possible, please can you provide your quarterly returns by the end of the calendar month following the end of each quarter (please note the earlier date for the October to December submission, due to the Diocesan year end).

QuarterSubmission to Diocese by
January to March30th of April
April to June31st of July
July to September31st October
October to December20th January

Quarterly Return Forms

There is an updated spreadsheet which has been designed to assist with the recording of fees. Once a service has been selected, the spreadsheet automatically updates to show the statutory fees payable. This spreadsheet is designed to be completed at regular intervals throughout the quarter to reduce the administration required at quarter end and can be submitted to the Diocese via email for additional convenience.

Alternatively, there is a basic form where you can log the date, type of service and fee assigned to the DBF which you may prefer to use. This form is called “Quarterly Fee Return Short.pdf‘ and a print version is also available.

If you currently run a similar system of your own, you may wish to continue with this, as long as this clearly shows how a fee payment to the diocese is calculated (a list showing the date, type of service and DBF proportion of fee along with the total payment).

The spreadsheet is compatible with Microsoft Excel, Open Office and Lotus Symphony.

However, if you prefer to keep written records, then both forms can be printed and completed manually.