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List A, List B and Additional Matter application process

When parishes wish to make changes to their church buildings, contents or churchyards, they are required to obtain the necessary permissions for works. Parishes can request permission through an online application via the Church of England’s Online Faculty System (OFS), a web-based application portal.

List A covers minor works which do not require permission but most of these works are subject to conditions.

List B and Additional Matter applications, for minor works, are not required to be considered at a Lichfield Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) meeting. Applications are administered on a rolling programme rather than through the meeting schedule. If the works that a parish wishes to undertake are not specifically mentioned in List B or the Additional Matters Orders (see below), then a faculty is required.

To find out which works fall under List A and List B please click here.

The online system is designed to guide and prompt you through your application. As part of the online application process, you will be required to give a written description of the proposed works, but in addition you will need to provide full technical details.

Please note that registration is required to be approved by the DAC Office, so there may be a short delay while this occurs

List B applications

List B permission is applied for through an online application via the Online Faculty System (OFS).

Please do not request permission from the Archdeacon directly, as List B approval can only be granted through the OFS.

Works in List B of the Faculty Jurisdiction (Amendment) Rules 2022 can be undertaken by an ‘authorised person’, that is acting on behalf of the minister and churchwardens (or, in a vacancy, the churchwardens only).

List B applications are subject to all of the ‘specified conditions’ for that particular matter in the list. The Archdeacon may make a List B matter subject to additional conditions to reflect advice received, or request a faculty for a List B matter if they think fit.

Additional Matter applications

Additional Matter permission is applied for through an online application via the Online Faculty System (OFS), described as an ‘Additional Diocesan matter‘ at the bottom of the List B selection screen.

Please do not request permission from the Archdeacon directly, as Additional Matter approval can only be granted through the OFS.

The process for making and approving an Additional Matter application is the same as List B above.

The Chancellor for the Diocese of Norwich has issued the following Additional Matters Orders:

    1. Regarding the broadcasting of services CONSISTORY NOR AMO 05.11.20.
    2. Regarding the installation of Covid-19 memorial plaques CONSISTORY NOR AMO 27.07.2022
    3. Regarding the transfer of parish library to Norwich Cathedral CONSISTORY NOR AMO 14.11.2022
    4. Regarding car parking contracts CONSISTORY NOR AMO 16.05.2023
    5. Regarding Info Point and similar devices CONSISTORY NOR AMO 13.06.2023
    6. Regarding Commonwealth War Graves signs CONSISTORY NOR AMO 13.09.2023

Supporting documents

In every case, supporting documents are required to be submitted as part of a valid List B or Additional Matter application.

A range of documents is needed to assist the expert DAC adviser, who will be reviewing your submitted application, to understand the nature and scope of your proposal. The adviser will then be able to give statutory advice to the Archdeacon, which will inform the Archdeacon’s determination of the case.

Please provide the following supporting documents:

  1. Illustrative photographs, showing both the general setting and specific details (e.g. church interior and existing fittings)
  2. A plan or marked-up photographs showing the location of the proposed works.
  3. Details of the materials proposed to be used and the working methods to be adopted
  4. An up-to-date copy of a quotation from the chosen contractor/s


When uploading information, please name each file by subject and give a description of its contents on the OFS for each file you are attaching. You can either upload all of the information in one session or you can add your information in separate sessions. Documents should be uploaded to the ‘Supporting documents and images’ tab within the application. If you have difficulty uploading documents please contact Nicholas Cannon or Eliza Greenwell.

List B and Additional Matter applications can cover a broad range of proposals, and some application types will require specific documentation. The following examples are intended to assist parishes in planning the documents which are likely to be required to be commissioned or acquired for their online applications:

Building repairs:

  • Technical drawings and plans, and an associated written specification, by an architect

Audio-visual and internet access equipment:

  • A specification of proposed equipment (with photographs), and wiring routes, by a specialist contractor


  • A specification of proposed equipment (with photographs), and wiring routes, by a specialist contractor, and a copy of the CCTV Policy Template, downloaded from the Church of England’s CCTV guidance web page, completed by the parish

Bells, clocks and organs:

  • A condition report (with photographs) by a specialist contractor


  • A tree survey report (with a churchyard plan and photographs) by a tree specialist

Churchyard benches:

  • A product sheet or catalogue entry, a churchyard plan or marked-up photographs showing the proposed location, information on the method of fixing, the plaque material and wording (if applicable), and provision for maintenance

User manuals

The OFS has a frequently asked questions section and a number of user manuals, which can be consulted at any time.

Key user manuals, with step-by-step instructions, include:

Getting help…

If you are in any doubt as to exactly what List B or Additional Matter supporting documents to provide, please contact: