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Church Building Ambassadors

Local and experienced volunteers who support parishes caring for their church buildings.

The Church Building Ambassadors are experienced volunteers who can help churches with a whole range of tasks and queries. The network of Church Building Ambassadors has been built up of people with diverse skills and experience, very familiar with the challenges the churches are facing and willing to help.

Among the tasks the Ambassadors have been involved in are:

  • Community involvement and outreach
  • Grant funding applications/identifying sources and assisting with writing
  • Welcome and tourism
  • Online Faculty applications/preparing relevant documents for DAC
  • Maintenance and understanding QIRs
  • Establishment of Friends Groups
  • Producing a business plan/managing funds
  • Identifying historic and architectural value of buildings/producing statements of need and significance
  • Security


An Ambassador would be happy to give you a one-off advice or guide you through a project or a task. Ambassadors, however, are not professional advisors but should be seen instead as experienced colleagues and critical friends.

If you would like further information or to be put in touch with an ambassador, please contact Frances Jackson – Historic Church Buildings Support Officer.