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The Bishop’s Lent Appeal 2024

The Bishop’s Lent Appeal 2024 will help to raise money to provide water tanks for Ordinand’s Homes at Newton Theological College in Papua New Guinea.

Due to the mountainous nature of Papua New Guinea all but very local travel is made by air and the limitations and expense of travel mean that students must live on-campus with their families. Family life is centred around the wind-house which is the coolest way to spend the day but sleeping accommodation and toilet facilities are provided in small chalets.

Most of the student houses at Newton College are in great need of refurbishment and nearly all need significant repair, but the primary need is to provide them with clean water from rainwater tanks and to reconnect toilets to septic tanks. The sinking of a new bore earlier this year will also supplement the surface water provision.

It will cost around PGK 2,000 (around £400) to install a water tank between every two student houses and the 2024 Bishop’s Lent Appeal aims to raise to raise enough to provide twenty-five tanks between fifty student homes.

The Principal of Newton College, Archbishop Jeffrey Driver, writes: “Theological education should never simply be an academic abstraction, and in places like Papua New Guinea there must be a strong link between the disciplines of theology and the needs of community development. This means that Newton College has been consistently involved with a range of practical programmes in areas like health and adult literacy.”

The Bishop of Norwich, Graham Usher, writes: “Your donations and fundraising will enable ordinands and their families to thrive, so supporting the next generation of Christian leaders in Papua New Guinea to have the best possible start with their training.”

How to give

Your church may have Gift Aid envelopes in which donations can be placed.

Alternatively, you can give:

  1. Online – visit our Donate Page and select the Bishop’s Lent Appeal from the dropdown menu.
  2. BACs – please use details below
    Account Name: Norwich Diocesan Board of Finance Limited
    Sort Code: 20-62-61
    Account Number: 30674508
    Reference: LENT
  3. By Cheque – Cheques should be made payable to NDBF Ltd, marked clearly on the back of the cheque ‘Lent Appeal 2024. Please send the cheque together with a completed Gift Aid declaration (if applicable), to: Lent Appeal 2023, Diocesan House, 109 Dereham Road, Easton NR9 5ES


Downloadable resources available for your parish will be uploaded here in January 2024.