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CYF Charter

Highlight your parish’s commitment to the community, children and young people, and those working with children, young people and families.

The Children, Youth & Families Charter is an exciting and uniquely beneficial scheme for churches across the Diocese of Norwich.

The Charter is a 3 fold commitment to:

  • the community
  • children and young people
  • those working with children, young people and families.


Joining the scheme is a clear commitment to welcoming children, young people and families into the heart of your congregation; it will help you make your church more attractive to families and help church be a more positive experience for those who already attend.

By adopting this Charter, you will:

  • Have a Children, Youth & Family Charter sign to display on your church to show you are members
  • A certificate of membership
  • Access to a network of churches all on the same journey
  • Be registered to use the Diocese of Norwich Resource Centre – saving the £25 annual registration fee
  • Be registered for membership of Momentum Norfolk with access to grants and reduced rate training
  • Be able to demonstrate to funders that you are inclusive and operate to a high level – improving the chances of grant funding being allocated
  • Be able to demonstrate to parents and carers that you are committed to the whole family and operate in a safe way
  • Enable the Diocese of Norwich Children, Youth & Families Team to support you more effectively.


We hope the Children, Youth and Families Charter will promote conversation and discussion amongst your church leadership, PCC and congregation and through prayerful consideration you may be led to adopt the scheme and see fruitful growth through it.

How do I join the scheme:

  • Register your interest with the Children, Youth & Families team
  • Identify a key contact to receive emails and publicity
  • Adopt the CYF Charter – send CYF copies of PCC minutes related to adopting the charter and a copy of the signed charter
  • Ensure a representative attends the annual CYF Forum
  • Maintain an accurate register of children, youth & families groups along with key contacts, sharing regularly with the CYF Team (via the Safeguarding Monitoring Form)
  • Keep events on Bright Map and GoDo up-to-date
  • Commit to reviewing children, youth and families activities on a regular basis and adding action points to the church growth plan – sharing these with the CYF Team.




As part of the CYF Charter we require that you register with Momentum Norfolk.