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Bishops & Senior Staff


The Diocese of Norwich is divided into three smaller episcopal areas, each overseen by their own area Bishop.

The Bishop of Norwich, the Rt Revd Graham Usher is the diocesan Bishop and he is supported by two suffragen Bishops.  The Rt Revd Ian Bishop is the Bishop of Thetford and the Rt Revd Dr Jane Steen is the Bishop of Lynn. 

Diocesan bishops have significant responsibilities and authority within their dioceses, which are administrative regions that consist of multiple parishes and churches.


Archdeacons are senior priests with responsibility under the bishops for the pastoral care of clergy in the archdeaconry and for ensuring they are performing their duties correctly. 

The Bishops are supported by three Archdeacons. In the Church of England, an archdeacon is a senior clergy member who holds a position of authority and responsibility for the pastoral care of clergy in the archdeaconry.  

Senior Staff

The Diocesan Secretary and The Dean of Norwich