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Norwich South

Benefices Parishes Churches
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Benefice Parish Church
Bowthorpe (Norwich) Norwich Bowthorpe Worship Centre
Costessey Costessey St Edmund
Costessey Costessey St Helen
Earlham Earlham St Anne
Earlham Earlham St Elizabeth
Earlham Earlham St Mary
Eaton Christ Church (Norwich) Norwich Eaton Christ Church Christ Church
Eaton St Andrew (Norwich) Norwich Eaton St Andrew St Andrew
Heigham Holy Trinity (Norwich) Norwich Heigham Holy Trinity
The Mitre St Alban Lakenham St Alban (STN Grove Walk)
The Mitre St Barnabas Heigham w St Bartholomew St Barnabas (STN Russell St)
The Mitre St Thomas Heigham St Thomas (STN Earlham Rd)